About Us - Dekorate

What has Blender ready models compatible with not just cycles but also octane render? Some of them available on the house too!
Is it a place? 
Is it a thing? 
Is it an animal?

Before you get confused, here is a hint: You are here already! 

Let’s hope you guessed it by now, because we are thrilled to introduce ourselves - the Dekorate Store - to this ecosystem which is already developing into a creative community of individuals looking for more ways to explore the open source 3D tool Blender. We believe in the tool and here we are geared up with high quality assets for you to build your own reality. 

This is an exploration by the Deckor studio which stems from the appreciation for Blender and its application in archviz. A form of giving back to the community and allowing every individual to add more.
With that, of course WAGMI!